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I have quality analogue and digital recording equipment, microphones and a collection of instruments and amplifiers. I have taken a very utilitarian approach to my collection, which means I only have things that work every time and sound good every time. 


My gear is constantly evolving and updating.  If there is something specific you have in mind I will do my best to try and source it for you.

I love to talk about gear and the kind of unique sounds it  can achieve, so if you are looking to record here and you wanna get "into the weeds" discussing that, I would love to hear from you.  I also have a complete gear list which I can send you when we discuss your project.



-60s British Drums 24/16/12 (think vintage Ludwig sound wise) 

-Japanese Tama Starclassic 22/18/14 (big punchy rock sound)

-Zildjian K Cymbals 15 light hats, 19in Dark crash thin, 22 Light Ride, 20 ride

-Sabian AAX 13 in hats, 16,18,20 crash, 21 ride 

-Japanese made Tama wood and metal snares



-American Fender Tele, Strat, Jaguar

-Mexican Fender Tele, Strat, Jazzmaster, Mustang, Duo Sonic

-Japanese Squier Supersonic (90s)

-Martin Acoustic

-Taylor Parlour Guitar

-USA Gibson Les Paul

-Gould SG Junior

-Daisy Rocks Black Heart

-P Bass, J Bass

-Various Effects Pedals



-Fender Champ

-Fender Hotrod Deluxe

-Victory V40 and Sheriff

-Orange Tiny Terror

-Ibanez TSA15

-Marshall 1960 4x12, Orange 2x12, Victory 1x12

-Darkglass Bass Pre

-Sans amp Bass Pre

-Various Guitar Effects



-14 Channels of Universal Audio 

-4 Channels 1073 Style

-6 Channels API 312 Style

-2 Channels Variable Impedance Valve Pres

-8 channels focusrite ADAT 

-12 Channel analogue mixer with compression and EQ

-1176 Compressor

-2 Track 1/4in Tape machine

-Cassette duplicator and recorder

-DI Box

-Amp Attenuator




2 x SM57

2 x 421

2 x X1R

1 x NT1A

1 x Aston Spirit

2 x 904

2 x Oktava MK12

5 x Misc Dynamic Mics

1 x Soup Can Mic

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