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No Luck Audio is a recording studio in Exeter Devon, run by someone who is as passionate about your band as you are. It is an inclusive space, no bigotry, no fascism, no bullshit.

Recording.     Mixing.     Production.


A bit about me

Creating music has been, without question, the most rewarding thing I have done and still do in my life. 


It provides me with the opportunity to meet and connect with people, to create art, to travel and to experience things I never would otherwise… but it's hard, innit? Taking time away from life, from family, from work. Unpaid Fridays off work to do a weekender, saving up for new equipment, designing merch, booking tours, writing songs. 


It is beautiful and fulfilling and rewarding, but it is hard work. Well, I get all that, - I've done it, I still do it and I fucking love it. 


If you want to make a record with someone that gets it, someone that knows what you have done to get here and someone that genuinely cares deeply about your project, then I think your search has led you to the right place.   


Whether this is your first ever time recording, or this is your tenth record, I will work with you to make the best record that you can make, to realise your vision and to make something engaging that you love.  

About the studio

No Luck is set in a great sounding, intimate room, which means we can eliminate any awkwardness and communicate face to face.  


My aim is to have all the equipment you need to make a great sounding record, so it’s entirely possible to turn up empty handed and leave with something you are incredibly proud of. 


I have an analogue mixing desk and two racks of outboard, as well as the latest Universal Audio digital suite.



Rates are done on a sliding scale, as this is an ethical enterprise, not a for profit business. We understand that price is always a factor, but this is the part we are the least concerned about, we just want to make great music with great people. We just need to keep things running, serviced and ready for the next band. Please get in touch via our contact form so that we arrange a rate that would work for you.

What now?

If you're ready to talk about recording your next project, you can get in touch with me using the form below. Whether you are still writing the final couple of parts, want advice with demos or are ready to turn up and hit record, I genuinely can’t wait to work with you.

Contact Me

Cheers, speak soon!

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